Beaumont Bulls Events Correction

Posted by Seterria Anderson on Sep 26 2018 at 06:32AM PDT

Hey Bulls and Belles, we have a correction on our Events Calendar for the date September 29th Homecoming Game. The game time of 6pm was a typo on the flyer. All of our games will remain on the same schedule we have had all season long starting with PeeWee @9am, Senior @10am, Junior @1130am, Sophomore @1pm, Freshman @230pm. Please accept my apologies on this matter as it was just brought to my attention that the information was incorrect.

Tonight @ 6pm is Pizza Night at CiCi’s Pizza (Target Shopping Center) and we ask that all of our players wear their game jerseys to be counted as FREE. We are aware that all Belles that are Cheerleaders have Mandatory Practice and won’t be able to attend tonight but any other Belle that is not participating in Cheer Competition are welcome to attend. Please ensure they wear Belles attire so they can be counted as FREE. Parents and other siblings that are not a Bull or Belle are responsible for their individual meal.

Sunday Make Up Games *************************************

We have a bit of a confusion that I need to clear up about the make up games that might be played on this Sunday, September 30, 2018. The 49ers President have requested to BAFL that we try to make up our rained out games on this Sunday in Pearland, TX starting at 12 noon. We have not received concrete confirmation from the officials whether or not they will be able to officiate our games on that day. We are hoping to have an answer today. If and when I receive that important information, I will update everyone immediately. If this is approved, the following teams will play: PeeWee, Junior, Freshman. The other teams (Sophomore and Senior) will be scheduled at a later date that we both can agree on.

Seterria Anderson
#GoBulls #GoBelles


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